If you can Dream it – You can Achieve it :)

18 Success Principles

Posted on: June 7, 2010

18 Success Principles

1. Pursue Achievable Goals

2. Keep a genuine Smile

3. Sharp with others

4. Help the neighbors

5. Maintain Youthful Spirit

6. Get along with the Rich, the Poor, the beautiful & the Ugly

7. Keep Cool Under pressure

8. Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor

9. Forgive the annoyance of others

10. Have Few Pals

11. Cooperate and reap greater rewards

12. Treasure every moment with your loved ones

13. Have high confidence in yourself

14. Respect the disadvantaged

15. Indulge Yourself occasionally

16. Surf the net at leisure

17. Take calculated risks

18. Understand "MONEY isn’t Everything"


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