If you can Dream it – You can Achieve it :)


Posted on: June 14, 2010

Theme of the Day


Word of the Day


To achieve or accomplish, To get at the Knowledge, To reach in excellence


  • Failure is Universal DON’T personalize
  • This Place grows on you
  • Timer focused eye contact
  • Successes is not absolute
  • You need a living by what we getting, We need a life by what we gave
  • Skillful Sailors are not made on smooth Seas

Usage of words can be avoided

  • Take the Certificates – Instead – Collect the Certificates
  • 1000 of Applause – Instead – A Big round of Applause

It happens


The way in which attempt

Please list out the objective

You are well known

  • A Toastmaster by everything – Instead – A Toastmaster by passion
  • Making some doubts – Instead – Having some doubts
  • Many Powers – Instead – Many type of powers
  • Make your mind ready – Instead – Prepare yourself
  • I am very much happy – Instead – A very Happy
  • Our Favorite club speaker – Instead – Our club favorite speaker

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